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Architecture does influence human behavior in many ways. This is true whether the environment is natural or man-made. Understanding the way in which environments affect people could enable the design and construction work, recreation and living space that have the ability to influence people’s behavior. A space evolves from the usability of its component and surroundings. This project deals with the creation of a usable plane through its dimensional transformation and finally provides a platform to experience and perceive a space in real scale.

1. To understand the dimensional transformation of planes.

2.To understand and explore the usability through experiencing an object.

3. To learn about software based designing.


This project will have two (02) phases: Phase 01:Learning the transformation of planes through software based workshop Phase 02: Creation and design of a multi-dimensional planePhase 01: Each student will be given an opportunity to have the platform in a workshop to learn designing through the aid of software based analysis. Students have to show a sequential development of the stages through model making both virtually and manually.

Phase 02: In second phase students will work in a group to design that desirable and usable plane from previous learning and finally construct them in real scale.