Sustainable Housing and Role of the World Bank

  • Mahbubur Rahman Professor, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur 54100.
Keywords: Housing Policy, self-Help, Squatter Settlement, World Bank, Sustainability, Urban Development


Squatter settlements provide housing to 30-70% of the urban population in many developing countries. They have grown huge in size due to widespread poverty and inadequate housing finance and land development systems. Governments mostly assisted by the international aid agencies have improved environment, tenure security, income and resources in many such settlements. Yet the problems persist as benefits did not multiply due to lack in institutional development, policy implementation, governance, participation etc. The squatter dwellers’ ability to bring affordable and sustainable solutions was ignored too. This paper discusses the changing approaches to the issues of low-income groups housing worldwide in the above context. The role of the World Bank in setting the core themes and its support for the low-income groups housing in the developing world is particularly examined as to their effect on policies and solutions.