EDITORIAL _ Vol-10, Issue-1 _ 2006

  • Shayer Ghafur Associate Professor Department of Architecture Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka-1000.


From time immemorial there are certainly signs of converging interests of different design professionals in the question of how physical designs interweave, besides physical, with sociocultural aspects. The Masters, be it in architecture, planning or urban design, though differentiates in
the quality of the local traditions or geographic environment, each assigns values to context or spatial attributes; and the conceptions are focused strongly on the space in which the physical entities exist. Thus locational aspects, in every respect, could never be subordinated to any architectural styles, settlement patterns or developmental issues. In fact local needs most often demand local solutions. Furthermore, every idea seems to perform differently in different regions of different developing countries.

Bangladesh, a new nation with multifarious constraints, has few concerns in design arena that are investigated. Again, many studies are not published, some are not properly disseminated or are not comprehensive enough to implement. Protibesh, the Journal of the Department of Architecture, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, though after a long break is in process, provides architects, planners, urban designers and all with interest in built environment a modest opportunity to publish and disseminate their ideas and encourage dialogue. To some extent Protibesh is bestowed with this grave responsibility by virtue of being the journal of the oldest institution imparting knowledge in the field.

The Editorial Board is overwhelmed by the response it received in connection to articles both from inside and outside the university. Of the nine papers the five articles published in this issue of Protibesh are on issues comprehensively researched and hopefully will provoke further researches. The thoughts expressed in the articles though at times diachronic, more or less, guide us to the fact that the prime function of the physical designers in Bangladesh could be facilitating what people wish or are obliged to do. However, some of the perspectives upheld by the  ontributors raise questions also on interactive administration owards effective environment. The physical developments in Bangladesh, therefore, should meet known, predictable and new demands as viably, conveniently and economically as possible. 

The Editorial Board also takes the liberty of including in this issue three short essays on current events and provides information on seminars/ web links pertinent to professional development and augmentation of views.

Lastly the Editorial Board would like to thank the authors for the contributions and all those who have worked beyond their call of duty to make this publication a reality. The Board is hopeful of having the next issue of Protibesh in time, the work of which is already in progress. viably, conveniently and economically as possible.