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The Department is supported by an excellent group of teachers, many of whom have overseas degrees and training. A good number of teachers pursue higher studies abroad. The following is a list of the different teaching positions which includes those on leave to pursue higher studies and training.

Designation Active On study leave
Professor  10 2
Associate Professor  5 0
Assistant Professor  11 9
Lecturer  9 3


Besides the above teaching posts, there are Professorships and Chairs as follows :

Dr. Rashid Chair: The Chair is in memory of late Dr. M. A. Rashid, Professor of Civil Engineering and the first Vice Chancellor of BUET. It has been instituted by the ’61 Club, an association of BUET graduates of the year 1961.

Professor Emeritus and Supernumerary Professors: The University has provision to honour outstanding scholars in the fields of Engineering, Architecture and Planning as Professor Emeritus and Supernumerary Professors in order to benefit from the services of such eminent academicians.