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Dr. Catherine D. Gomes


PhD, M. Arch, B. Arch (BUET), FIAB

Housing and Settlement Division

Curriculam Vitae

Areas of Interest


Resilient Dwellings

Domestic Architecture focusing Gender issues

Space Syntax Analysis (Visibility Graph Analysis and Justified Permeability Graph

Architectural History

Church Architecture


PG Thoery :

ARCH 6303 Domestic Architecture

ARCH 6308 Rural Housing in the Changing Context

UG Thoery :

ARCH 231 Architecture in the Western World

UG Studio :

Design Studio VII, VIII, X, XI

ARCH 414 Landscape Design Studio

Professor Catherine Daisy Gomes (PhD), graduated from BUET in December 1992 and joined the DoA, BUET, in September 1997 after a brief carrier in practice as Architect. Received Shamshun Nahar Khanam Gold Medal in B-Arch (BUET) in1992 and Ahsanur Rahman Gold Medal in M-Arch (BUET) in 2004 for obtaining highest marks and Commonwealth Spilt -site Scholarship, UK 2010. As Commonwealth Scholar she conducted her Partial doctoral research on Contemporary Residential Apartments in Dhaka Focusing Gender Aspects using VGA and JPG of Space Syntax Methodology to address the social issues related with housing, in Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, UK. Offering courses in housing, Domestic Architecture, Church Architectural and coordinating design studios at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Prof. Gomes is carrying out research and publications on Community Resilience, Resilient dwellings, Segregation, Privacy, Dominance, Social integration and Church Architecture. She was Tutor in DRIA for 2018, 2019 and 2020. Involved in designing cyclone shelters of CARITAS Bangladesh as an advisory committee member from December 2008. Team Leader of Architecture Department (under CAF BRTC) in Feasibility Study and Detailed Design for Development of Jetties and Infrastructure at Chittagong, BRTC, BUET and Team Leader in Feasibility Study with ESIA for Resuscitation of ICHAMOTI RIVER in PABNA district, with IWFM, BRTC, BUET. Also, Team Leader of Notre Dame University Building at Motijheel, Dhaka. Prof. Gomes is currently the Coordinator of Housing and Settlement Division and member of the Cell for Resilient Dwelling (CeRD) and is a co-editor of its first design research documentation publication Housing through Homesteads (2020).