/BUET Student Taorem Sananu won “The TOY ARCASIA 2022 GOLD Award”

BUET Student Taorem Sananu won “The TOY ARCASIA 2022 GOLD Award” 2022-10-02T15:03:45+06:00

With much pride we are sharing that one of our students from Department of Architecture, BUET, Taorem Sananu  (Student ID – 1501034) has won “The TOY ARCASIA 2022 GOLD Award” (Thesis of The Year Award) for her undergraduate thesis, “Blurring The Line: Rejuvenating Entrepreneurial potential to develop the socio-economic scenario of urban slum,” which she completed in her final year (Level 5, Term 2). Professor Dr. Khandaker Shabbir Ahmed and Md. Mizanur Rahman supervised her thesis. She received the award on 6 September 2022 at the ARCASIA Forum-21, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

TOY ARCASIA 2022 is an international platform for undergraduate students and schools of architecture from ARCASIA member nations to showcase talent and new ideas, with the goal of improving the quality of architectural education in Asia as a whole. Thesis works of graduating students of Architecture from each member nation is the focus of TOY ARCASIA with a view to paving the way for the cross-border sharing of educational practices in the field of architecture.

Taorem’s thesis focuses on redevelopment of urban slums. The physically a visible line among urban slums and its surrounding communities are only a glimpse of the contrast between urban poor and city dwellers which is eventually an outcome of a more profound economic and social differences these communities hold. These economic, social and physical partitions have been a hindrance to the slums as they keep piling up day by day leaving no space for their socio-economic growth ultimately transforming them into a burden for future cities.

This project approached this problem harnessing the energy of ‘Slum Entrepreneurs’ that fuels Sattola slum making it resilient in economic sector. Economic redevelopment is achieved by redistributing Sattola’s existing market layout and integrating entrepreneur friendly approaches into existing scenario. Three types of module is designed at three thresholds to blur economic, social and physical lines to build up an interdependent relationship between these two communities.

Congratulations to Taorem Sananu for her success.