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Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in Dhaka is one of the oldest institutions for higher studies in Bangladesh. Its history  dates  back  to  the  days  of  Dhaka Survey  School  established  at  Nalgola  in  1876.  The Survey School subsequently became the Ahsanullah School of Engineering offering three-year diplomas in Civil, Electrical and Technical Engineering. In 1948, the School was upgraded at its present premises as the Ahsanullah  Engineering  College  and, as  the  Faculty  of Engineering  under  the  University of  Dhaka. It was then offering four -year undergraduate programmes in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering.  The college was set up to meet the increasing demand for engineers and to advance engineering education in the newly constituted country of Pakistan. In 1962, in order to facilitate postgraduate studies and research, and with the addition of a new faculty, that of Architecture, the Ahsanullah Engineering College was alleviated to the status of a university of engineering and technology.  Following the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, it became the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. In 1976 BUET celebrated its centenary of establishment in 1876 and in 2012 BUET along with the Department of Architecture celebrated its 50 years as university and architectural education in the country respectively.