History, Theory and Culture
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Course ID Course Title Course Type Offered 2018
Block A
ARCH 703

Art Appreciation

Optional Theory
Block B
ARCH 813

Architectural Conservation

Optional Theory
Level I Term I
ARCH 131

Architecture of Ancient Civilizations

Core Theory
ARCH 133

Design Theory

Core Theory
Level I Term II
ARCH 175

Art History

Core Theory
Level II Term I
ARCH 231

Architecture of Western World

Core Theory
Level II Term II
ARCH 235

Architecture of Modern Period

Core Theory
Level III Term I
Level III Term II
ARCH 335

Architecture of Bengal

Core Theory
Level IV Term II
ARCH 404

Design Studio VIII

Core Sessional
Level V Term I
ARCH 531

Architecture of Contemporary World

Core Theory
ARCH 533

Architectural Theory

Core Theory