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An academic year comprises of two terms. In addition there may be a short term in between the end of term II and commencement of term I. Currently short term has been suspended to strengthen the regular terms.

Classes                                                                 14 weeks
Mid-term break                                                 01 week
Preparatory leave before Examination        02 weeks
Term final examinations                                 02 weeks
Total                                                                    19 weeks


 A total of 190 credits have to be earned in 10 terms of 5academic years in the undergraduate discipline. The courses offered in this level are of two types, theoretical and sessional, each of which belongs to any of the following three classes-

  • Core course
  • Prerequisite course
  • Optional course

Besides  the  above  courses,  Professional  Training  is  an  intrinsic  part  of  B.  Arch degree.  Eight  weeks  (equivalent  to  320  man  hours)  of  intensive  Professional  Training  need  to  be  completed  within  the  five  years.

For theoretical courses, for each credit, there is a requirement of a lecture of 50 minutes per week. For design studios, every 1.5 hours of class per week will be equivalent to one credit whereas for support studios, every 2 hours of class per week will be equivalent.

Each student has a designated adviser, who approves the student plan. He/she advises the course to be taken/dropped/improved. Any addition/drop/improvement/adjustment/registration has to be approved by the advisor.


Each student has to apply and pay for examinations. In theoretical courses, 30% is allocated for continuous assessment (attendance, class tests and assignments) & 70% for the term final examination. For the term examinations, there is an internal and external examiner for each course. The minimum number of quizzes is (n+1) where n is the number of credits of the course; of which best n is taken.

Class participation/ attendance                                 10%
Class evaluation (Home task/ assignment/ test)   20%
Term final Examination (3 hours)                             70%
Total                                                                                 100%


Each course has a certain number of credits which describes its weightage. A letter grade with a specified number of grade points is awarded in each registered courses. A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.20 is required to be maintained for a satisfactory progress. Letter grades and corresponding grade points are awarded in accordance with the provisions below:

Numerical Grade                              Letter Grade      Grade point

80% and above                                 A+                          4.0
75% to less than 80%                      A                             3.75
70% to less than 75%                      A-                           3.50
65% to less than 70%                      B+                           3.25
60% to less than 65%                      B                             3.00
55% to less than 60%                      B-                            2.75
50% to less than 55%                      C+                           2.50
45% to less than 50%                      C                             2.25
40% to less than 45%                      D                             2.00
Less than 40%                                   F                              0.0
Continuation                                     X                             (for thesis/ project design courses)

The  course/s  in  which  a  student  has  obtained  a  ‘D’  or  a  higher  grade  is  counted  as  his/her  earned  credits.  Any  course  in  which  a  student  has  obtained  ‘F’  grade  is  not  counted  towards  his/her  earned  credits.  A  student  who  obtains  ‘F’  grade  in  any  Core  course  of  any  term  has  to  repeat  the  course.  If  a  student  obtains  ‘F’  grade  in  an  Optional  course,  he/she  may  choose  to  repeat  the  course  or  take  a  substitute  course,  if  available  and  if  it  is  so  necessary.  ‘F’  grades  are  not  counted  for  GPA  calculation  but  will  stay  permanently  on  the  Grade  Sheet  and  Transcript. 

When  a  student  repeats  a  course  obtaining ‘F’  grade,  he/she  is  not  eligible  to  get  a  grade  better  than  ‘B’  in  that  course.  A  student  getting  a  grade  lower  than  ‘B’  may  repeat  the  course  for  grade  improvement  only  once,  but  will  not  be  eligible  to  get  a  grade  better  than  ‘B’. 


Candidates  for  the  Bachelor’s  Degree  in  Engineering  and  Architecture  are  awarded  the  relevant  degree  with  honours  if  their  overall  GPA  is  3.75  or  above.


 In  recognition  of  their  brilliant  performance,  the  names  of  students  obtaining  CGPA  of  3.75  or  above  in  two  regular  terms  of  each  academic  year  (one  level)  are  published  in  the  Dean’s  List  of  the  respective  faculties.  Students  who  have  received  ‘F’  grade  in  any  course  during  any  of  the  two  regular  terms  will  not  be  considered  for  the  Dean’s  List  in  that  year.


The  performance  of  a  student  is  evaluated  in  terms  of  two  indices,  the  Term  GPA,  and  the  Cumulative  GPA  (CGPA)  of  all  the  Terms.  The  Term  GPA  is  computed  by  dividing  the  total  Grade  points  earned  in  a  term  by  the  number  of  credit  hours  taken  in  that  term. Students  are  considered  making  normal  progress  towards  their  degrees  if  their  CGPA  for  all  the  courses  completed  is  2.2  or  above.  Students  are  not  in  good  standing  when  one  or  more  of  the  following  conditions  exist: 

 I.Term GPA falls below 2.2
II. CGPA falls below 2.2
III.  Earned  credits  is  less  than  15  times  the  number  of  Terms  attended

Student,  who  is  not  in  good  standing  and  proven  weak  at  the  end  of  the  term,  may  be  given  a  load  of  not  exceeding  four  courses  in  the  next  term.  He  may  be  offered  self-study  and  special  courses  with  the  approval  of  the  concerned  authority  in  short  term. Provisions for supplementary examinations are therein the mid-term break for students who received ‘F’ grade.


The final design project undertaken in L-5/T-II in partial fulfillment of requirement of B. Arch degree is termed as thesis/ project, which needs to be defended by a student and the jury decides on its acceptability.

The thesis/ project enable the student to show their understanding in the field of architecture & enables the teacher/ jury to assess the maturity, competency and ability of the student.