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The Department of Architecture is part of a networked community for forging partnership and collaboration. The partnership between students, alumni and industry allow our achieving the best for nurturing an inspiring learning environment and bridging with the practice for feedback on curriculum and facilitation for employments. The department has a long tradition of contributing to the wider community. Teachers have been engaged in a wide range of knowledge transfer activities through applied research, public lectures, and expertise sharing through different professional bodies and media.

Exchange programme

For research, teaching and knowledge exchange activities department team up with a wide range of international partners. Currently, a student-tutor exchange programme with Kyushu University, Japan and Texas A&M University, USA are in place.

  • ArcAAB
    Architecture Alumni Association of BUET
    The Architecture Alumni Association BUET was established in July 2001 as a bridge between the alma mater and the alumni of the Department of Architecture. It is a platform through which the alumni take part in different activities for the enrichment of the profession and the department. The network also creates opportunities for internship and job for our students and graduates. ArcAAB contributes to the development of the department by arranging different seminars, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, competitions, etc. ArcAAB strives to uphold, endorse and promote the professional interests of the members. The association is geared to undertake any other activity which the association deems necessary for the interest of the alumni, the department, the university and the country at large.
  • ArcSA
    Architecture Student Association
    ArcSA is an association for the students of the Department of Architecture. It was formed in November 2006 to organize different extracurricular activities such as fresher’s reception, Farewell, Bengali New year celebration under the guidance of the Department. ArcSA executive body is comprised of Class Representatives (CRs) for one year and supported by a body of Faculty Advisors. ArcSA as a major stakeholder had played a significant role in the DoA Self-Assessment 2017 and in the implementation of the first online January 2020 session taken place during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Industry
    Industry association and partnership ensures our remaining connected and being competent by addressing the growing needs of the profession. Through active collaboration with Berger paints Bangladesh Ltd., Seven Rings Cement the department is thriving at its best.