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Construction and Technologies division offers the opportunity to explore various construction techniques and materiality. Students entering into the discourse will evaluate and research the potential of a new application in construction methods. This Division offers applied research and design of buildings and building components. Through focusing on structural, facade, and climate design, students will learn how to contribute to buildings that are sustainable and environmentally intelligent. Exploring design strategies to minimize the gap between the expert groups in the construction industry through digital collaboration. The Division addresses the contemporary and advanced issues in the field of the computational design and building information modeling, collaborative work, and project management through 4D, 5D, and 6D BIM, building energy modeling, construction strategy and material experimentation, virtual and augmented reality in the design process and construction.

Undergraduate Courses

ARCH 165    Building and Finish Materials
ARCH  565    Professional Practice
ARCH 605    Building Technology
ARCH 801     Interior Design
ARCH 817     Construction Management

ARCH 202    Design Studio III
ARCH 204    Design Studio IV
ARCH 302    Design Studio V
ARCH 304    Design Studio VI
ARCH 502    Design Studio IX
ARCH 504    Design Studio X

ARCH 112    Architectural Graphics I
ARCH 212    Architectural Graphics II
ARCH 222    Digital Communication in Architecture I
ARCH 322    Digital Communication in Architecture II
ARCH 426    Digital Communication in Architecture III
ARCH 314    Working Drawing
ARCH 414    Construction and Materials
ARCH 416    Professional Training
ARCH 428   Interior Design Studio
ARCH 492   Algorithmic Thinking in Design
ARCH 512    Specification and Cost Estimate

Postgraduate Courses

ARCH 6501     Building Information Modelling in Architecture
ARCH 6502    Interactive Technologies in Architecture
ARCH 6503    Construction Project Management
ARCH 6504    Making in Design


Md. Ruhul Amin

Core Members

Sheikh Ahsan Ullah Mojumder
Md. Ruhul Amin
Faruk Ahmed
Dr Asma Naz
Md Mizanur Rahman
Mohaimeen Islam

Associate Members

Dr. Khandaker Shabbir Ahmed
Mohammad Tahajibul Hossain
Maherul Kader Prince