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Vision of Environment and Energy Division (EED) is to mobilize environment responsive, energy conservation and sustainability and resiliency-aware world class architects.

In keeping with national interests and the SDG goals, environmental integrity is a key contemplation in building design, both in the urban and rural context. In recent days, issues pertaining to environment and energy have drawn a heightened global attention, due to the facts and effects of global warming and climate change.  Environmental issues are significantly considered in architecture, to ensure quality living, performance and overall well-being and comfort of users of any space. The use of energy is also of great concern, since a building may exert a significant negative footprint on the surrounding environment, by (mis)using a large share of non-renewable energy. Energy efficiency benefits environmentally responsible buildings through future-proofing, reduced operating costs, and comfort and health benefits.

The Environment and Energy Division, at Dept. of Architecture, BUET is working with an aim to retain the harmony of nature, providing awareness, motivation, knowledge and skills. The Division seeks to minimize negative environmental impacts of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, geometry, technology, energy and spatial development. It utilizes Building performance evaluation and human-building interaction, as a fundamental activity of built environment design. EED organizes undergraduate and postgraduate programs, coordinates (design) research through Cell for Green Architecture, and guides interaction with other divisions and stakeholders.

Theory, design and research under this division, examines the problems, possibilities, policies or regulations and rating system of environmentally resilient and sustainable built form solutions, through simulation software analysis, lab and calculation driven scientific approaches for micro and macro climate. Through passive and active design and research means, this division aims to satisfy local, regional, national purview of the country, rationalizing architectural agendas of the modern world.

Undergraduate Courses

ARCH 155     Climate and Design
ARCH 251     Visual Environment
ARCH 255    Architectural Acoustics
ARCH 603    Design in the Tropics
ARCH 811     Vernacular Architecture

ARCH 202    Design Studio III
ARCH 204    Design Studio IV
ARCH 302    Design Studio V
ARCH 304    Design Studio VI
ARCH 402    Design Studio VII
ARCH 404    Design Studio VIII
ARCH 502    Design Studio IX
ARCH 504    Design Studio X/XI

Postgraduate Courses

ARCH 6101    Thermal Environment and Built form
ARCH 6102    Sonic Environment and Built form
ARCH 6103    Luminous Environment and Built form
ARCH 6104    Bioclimatic Design
ARCH 6105    Environmental Design in Tropical Cities
ARCH 6106    Ecosystem and Built Environment Design
ARCH 6107    Green Architecture and Sustainability
ARCH 6108    Daylighting


Prof. Dr. Zebun Nasreen Ahmed

Core Members

Prof. Dr. Khandaker Shabbir Ahmed
Prof. Dr. S.M. Najmul Imam
Prof. Dr. Ashikur Rahman Joarder
Ar. Atiqur Rahman
Ar. Syma Haque Trisha
Ar. Gourab Kundu

Associate Members

Ar. Faruk Ahmed
Ar. Md. Mizanur Rahman