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Vision of Housing and Settlement Division (HSD) is to prepare socially-responsive, spatially-sensitive, and sustainability- and resiliency-aware critical practitioners.

Housing fulfills one of the basic human needs of shelter and access to which constitute human rights. Housing is both a product of and process for creating an environment for living, livelihoods and socialization. Housing and Settlement Division (HSD) deals with the planning and design aspects of the production, consumption and management of housing in relation to settlement as its broader contextual framework. HSD organizes undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, coordinates (design) research through Cell for Resilient Dwelling, and guides interaction with other divisions and stakeholders.

Theory, design and researches under this division, on the one hand, examine the problems, policies and production of affordable, resilient and sustainable housing solutions through community-based and market-driven approaches across a rapidly expanding urban-rural continuum. At a settlement level, on the other hand, they relate housing solutions to broader agenda like sustainability, resiliency, and development. These multi-scalar engagements reveal the contesting nature of housing: tradition-modernity, formal-informal dichotomy, rural-urban linkages, accessibility-affordability, density-crowding, privacy-urbanity, homeowners-homelessness etc. Thematic issues like house form and culture, gender and space use, home-based enterprises, post-disaster housing etc. become HSD focus too.

An understanding of the formation, growth and development of housing in relation to settlement amidst decreasing per capita land, climate changes during rapid and unplanned urbanization in countries like Bangladesh come under the purview of HSD. HSD thus becomes inter-disciplinary, relational, and multi-scalar by referring to global, national and community contexts and concerns.

Undergraduate Courses

ARCH 441    Housing
ARCH 811    Vernacular Architecture
ARCH 901    Society, Culture and Architecture

ARCH 404    Design Studio VIII
ARCH 504    Design Studio X
ARCH 506    Design Studio XI

Postgraduate Courses

ARCH 6301    Housing Problems and Policies
ARCH 6302    Housing Finance
ARCH 6303    Domestic Architecture
ARCH 6304    Multi-Ownership Housing
ARCH 6305    Informal Sector Housing
ARCH 6306    Human Settlement and Development Issues
ARCH 6307    Urbanism and Housing in Developing Countries
ARCH 6308    Rural Housing in the Changing Context


Dr Catherine Daisy Gomes

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Dr Shayer Ghafur
Dr Catherine Daisy Gomes
Ms Simita Roy

Associate Members

Md Ruhul Amin
Md Tariquezzaman