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The synergies division goes beyond architecture to use the wealth of cutting-edge knowledge of other related subjects. One of the objectives of this division is to understand the effects of the environment on the user and then use this knowledge to inform the design process for a better environment.

This division engages with a diverse range of subject areas in reference to architectural studies, combining but not limited to humanistic, technological, and social science perspectives to develop and explore the boundaries of architecture and enrich the architectural discourse.

The courses under this division at the graduate level share interdisciplinary perspectives on the emerging field of architectural design research to enable a design that is robust by appreciating the realities and dynamic complexities of its context.

The division approach architectural research in all scales from an individual user to the city level from a number of different disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives – environmental psychology, geography, health and wellbeing, human behavior, organizational studies, performance design, planning, safety and security, sociology, and urban and cultural studies.

Previous research activities of this division include children’s use of the outdoors, supportive design in the hospital environment, wayfinding in the built environment, safety and security, learning environment, and accessibility for special needs person.

Area of Interest:

  • Environmental Quality and Human behavior
  • Environmental Experience, Perception, and Cognition
  • Environmental comfort, satisfaction, and productivity
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Safety and Security
  • Social and Cultural factors in Architecture and Urban Design

Postgraduate Courses

ARCH 6901     Analytic Method
ARCH 6902     Healthcare Planning
ARCH 6903     Health Facilities: Planning and Design
ARCH 6904     Safety and Security in Building
ARCH 6905     Educational Facilities: Planning and Design


Dr. Mohammed Zakiul Islam

Core Members

Dr. Mohammed Zakiul Islam
Dr. Nayma Khan
Md. Tarek Haider

Associate Member

Dr. Farida Nilufar