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Cell for Resilient Dwelling

The exposure of housing to different natural and man-made disturbances, and the subsequent adaptations people make in their housing brought transformative changes in their relation to settlements. Causes and consequences of this transformation varies across an urban-rural continuum. At any point in this continuum, in the broader natural-built environment, problems of transformative changes arise when peoples’ ways of living and means of livelihoods erode their resilient relationship with the surrounding environment. Cell for Resilient Dwelling addresses people’s resilient dwelling by going beyond our present preoccupation with the physical form of housing and focus on its contribution to enriching lived lives in a changing society when resources are scarce and myriad environmental externalities abound.

The Vision of CeRD is to ensure peoples’ access to housing by relating their ways of living and modes of livelihood from a resilient perspective. The CeRD Missions include:

  • Research: Conduct state of the art thematic researches to contribute to knowledge;
  • Publication and Documentation: Publish field researches and document design researches;
  • Events: Organize workshops and seminars for the exchange of experiences and knowledge;
  • Advocacy: Engage in advocacy through outreach awareness development programmes;
  • Networking: Bridging different stakeholders across academic, institutional, non-governmental organizations and communities.
  • Webinar on Reflexive Pedagogy. House, Community, Settlement on 22 July, 2020
  • Book publication Housing through Homesteads: Type Design of Affordable-Resilient Housing in Bangladesh, DoA-BUET, December, 2020


Core Members

Dr. Shayer Ghafur

Dr. Shayer Ghafur
Dr. Catherine Daisy Gomes
Simita Roy