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Green Architecture Cell

GrACe aims to promote green architecture concept by way of advocacy, training, design and research in Bangladesh. It is planned as an open forum for Architects, Academics, Students, Researchers and multi-disciplinary professionals, Engineers, Developers and Civil Society members interested in green architecture in the Tropics.

The Cell began its journey in June 2009 as the outcome of a research project on Promoting Green Architecture in Bangladesh, a BUET-GIZ, Germany joint venture. Initially focusing on the Readymade Garment Sector of Bangladesh, the research results ultimately impacted the building industry in Bangladesh as a whole. The cell specializes in the design of sustainable and green buildings with emphasis on environmental, ecological and energy related issues, attempting to reduce development impacts, promote energy efficiency and resource management.

One of the activities of GrACe is the holding of regular seminars and training workshops for professionals, where the learnings of research and practice are disseminated to increase awareness of the workings of green architecture and its implementation in real-life situations. The development of GrACe has thus made the Department of Architecture, BUET a knowledge centre, while it also offers design services to the professional field.

22 Workshops completed in various green architecture field, of which the last two are included in the list.

  • 22nd GrACe Technical Workshop on DAYLIGHT MODELING: Climate Based Daylight Modeling for Sustainable Building Design in Bangladesh from 26 June 2020 – held online on Moodle platform
  • 21st GrACe Technical Workshop on GREEN BUILDING RATING SYSTEMS: Principles and Parameters for Sustainable Building Design’, 12-13 December, 2019, Dhaka
  • Three-day Training Session on Green Building Design in Context of Dhaka: Integration of Energy Conservation, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Technology; organized by Green Architecture Cell, GrACe, Dept. of Architecture, BUET in collaboration with Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA), GIZ and DFID; 21-23 September, 2018, Dhaka


Core Members

Dr. Ashikur Rahman Joarder

Dr. Zebun Nasreen Ahmed
Dr. Khandaker Shabbir Ahmed
Ar. Shamim Ara Hassan (retired)

Associate Members

Dr. Qazi Azizul Mowla
Dr. Sheikh Najmul Imam
Ar. Atiqur Rahman
Ar. Tasneem Tariq Nimmi
Ar. Syma Haque Trisha

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