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Heritage and Technology Integration Cell

The department wishes to play a pioneering role to conserve and disseminate the rich history and heritage of the architecture of Bengal using modern technology. The Heritage and Technology Integration Cell will serve as a platform where the academics and professionals in architecture, archaeology, and history; along with the relevant government and non-government agencies can come together to find avenues to document and conserve the rich architectural heritage of the country. The cell will emphasize developing skillsets among the students and professionals which will enrich the history of the nation.


  • To scientifically document the Heritage buildings using cutting-edge technology and create an archive in collaboration with relevant bodies and experts in the field.
  • To offer expertise to the government and non-government agencies regarding methods and policies of architectural conservation.
  • To develop the technical skill of students and professionals for architectural documentation and conservation through lectures, seminars, workshops, and training programs to encourage them to contribute in this sector.
  • To create a platform of collaborative research for developing contextual methods of conservation.
  • To disseminate the knowledge to general people.


Core Members

Mohammad Tahajibul Hossain

Prof. Dr. Khandaker Shabbir Ahmed
Prof. Dr. Qazi Azizul Mowla
Prof. Dr. Catherine Daisy Gomes
Fatema Tasmia
Brishti Majumder

Associate Members

Md. Ruhul Amin
Md. Mizanur Rahman
Dr. Apurba Kumar Podder
Nayna Tabassum