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Architectural Theory 2018-07-09T09:21:12+06:00

Course Title Architectural Theory

Course ID ARCH 533

Course Program Undergraduate,  B.Arch,  

Course Type Core Theory

Credits 2.00

Credits Hours 2 Hrs/WK

Semester Level V, Term I

Prerequisite None

Course Offered No

Description Vitruvius and architectural theory in European Antiquity. Ancient architectural theories in different cultures such as Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui etc. Continuity of Vitruvian tradition in the middle ages and in the Renaissance. New wave of radical architectural theories from French tradition. Theories of modern architecture by Le Corbusier, Adolf Loos, Sigfried Giedion, Walter Gropius and others. Post Modern Historicist, regionalist, utopian and avant gard theories of late twentieth century by Ventury, Norberg-Schulz, Frampton, Rossi, Tchumi, Koolhaas and others.