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Architecture of Contemporary World 2018-07-09T09:20:14+06:00

Course Title Architecture of Contemporary World

Course ID ARCH 531

Course Program Undergraduate,  B.Arch,  

Course Type Core Theory

Credits 2.00

Credits Hours 2 Hrs/WK

Semester Level V, Term I

Prerequisite None

Course Offered No

Description Post Modern historicist architecture of Ventury, Graves and others in response to crisis of alienation in modern architecture. Late Modern technological exploration of “Hi-Tech” by Foster, Rogers, Piano and others. Influence of Poststructuralist ideas in the avant-garde works of Eisenmann, Gehry, Hadid, Libeskind and others. Rise of self conscious modernism in Indian subcontinent through the works of Mazharul Islam, Doshi, Correa. Redefining contextuality in the regionalism of Fathy, Bawa and Baragan. Unique south asian sensibility in the works of Tange, Ando, Kerry Hill and Ken Yang. Ecological conciousness and issues of sustainability in the works of Glenn Murcutt. Taking architecture to the poor; enhanced participation and hope in the architecture of Grameen Bank.