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Architecture, Theory and Criticism 2021-07-26T17:26:22+06:00

Course Title Architecture, Theory and Criticism

Course ID ARCH 6202

Course Program Postgraduate,  PhD,  M.Arch,  

Course Type Optional Theory

Credits 3.00

Credits Hours 5 Hrs/WK

Semester HTC

Prerequisite None

Course Offered No

Description A dialectic between a diachronic sequence of architectural theories and related architectural works. Theories of Vitruvius, Alberti, Perrault, Boullee, Quatremere de Quincy, Schinkle, Viollet-le Duc, Semper, Loos, Ruskin, Le Corbusier, Mies Van Der Rohe, Wright, Kahn, Venturi, Alexander, Rossi, Norberg Schultz. Concepts of architectural theoreticians with an emphasis on the prevailing social and intellectual situation. Related critical writings to clarify the different epistemological dimensions. Understanding of the formation of theories. Developing a critical awareness of architectural theories and the skill to apply theoretical knowledge in the comprehension, evaluation and criticism of architecture.