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Environmental Design in Tropical Cities 2018-07-09T10:52:50+06:00

Course Title Environmental Design in Tropical Cities

Course ID ARCH 6105

Course Program Postgraduate,  PhD,  M.Arch,  

Course Type Optional Theory

Credits 3.00

Credits Hours 5 Hrs/WK

Semester EE

Prerequisite None

Course Offered No

Description Influence of buildings and other urban artefacts on ambient climate, climate modification having energy implications. Interaction of urban form and space with the processes of urban environment. Outdoor urban environment in the context of tropical areas with special reference to cities in Bangladesh. Conventional approaches to urban design and its impact on the environment and non-renewable energy resources. Concepts of sustainability, green design and energy conscious design. Thermal comfort outdoors; its perception and use as urban design criteria. Effects of urban from and geometry, built density and land use, open spaces and streets and urban greens on micro climates. Tools and techniques of urban environmental research, computer based simulation techniques and models as prediction tools. Role of changing technologies in search of new directions for environment conscious urban design and architecture.