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Rural Housing in the Changing Context 2018-07-09T11:22:23+06:00

Course Title Rural Housing in the Changing Context

Course ID ARCH 6308

Course Program Postgraduate,  PhD,  M.Arch,  

Course Type Optional Theory

Credits 3.00

Credits Hours 5 Hrs/WK

Semester HS

Prerequisite None

Course Offered Yes

Description Rural housing as a field of study; rural housing typology and patterns; user participation and other development philosophies; building materials and construction technologies; rural housing in Bangladesh; rural housing and culture; rural housing and environment; settlement patterns and project implementation methods; labour patterns in rural house construction; indigenous construction technologies; innovation in construction; self-help housing; issues related to water-and-sanitation and community facilities; financing and funding strategies; preparedness and impact of natural hazards; communicating, disseminating and replicating new concepts.

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