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Safety and Security in Buildings 2021-07-26T17:24:47+06:00

Course Title Safety and Security in Buildings

Course ID ARCH 6904

Course Program Postgraduate,  PhD,  M.Arch,  

Course Type Optional Theory

Credits 3.00

Credits Hours 5 Hrs/WK

Semester Postgraduate

Prerequisite None

Course Offered Yes

Description Introduction to safety and security, difference between safety and security in buildings, implication on design, legislation and: need for good safety and security in buildings, implication on design, legislation and need for good safety and security practices. Current practices with reference to the following: Safety from accidents: Definition, monitoring accidents; Socio-economic effects of accidents; Aims and objectives of the basic principles of safety responsibility; Duties and responsibilities of owners, employers and users; Types of accidents; General, process accidents and disasters; Prevention of accidents, etc. Security in Buildings: Need for security in buildings; Risks of security breach; Aims of physical security control; Targets; Lines of defense against intruders, thieves and vandals; Relationship between security and fire prevention; Protection of a building, its occupants and its effects: Layout of buildings for achieving security; Control measures and barriers; Access control systems; Principles and laws of internal policing etc. Fire prevention and control: Socio-economic and physiological implications of fire; History of fire; Evolution of fire prevention regulations; Risks of fire by building groups; Classification of fires; Objectives of fire precautions; Action in case of fire; Internal and external hazards; Planning for fire prevention and control; Pattern of fire development; Structural measures against fire; Causes of fire; Design of escape route; Effects of smoke, principles of compartmentalization; Fire detection, alarms and extinguishing systems, etc. Safety signs and symbols: Need for signs and symbols; Psychology of signs and symbols; Characteristics; Use of colors, shapes and size; Meaning of signs and symbols; Examples of uses, etc. Security and emergency lighting: Objective, basic techniques, need for such lighting; Transmission from normal to emergency lighting; Luminaries for security and emergency lighting; Planning for such lighting.