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Theories of Urban Design 2021-02-04T10:12:43+06:00

Course Title Theories of Urban Design

Course ID ARCH 6401

Course Program Postgraduate,  PhD,  M.Arch,  

Course Type Optional Theory

Credits 3.00

Credits Hours 5 Hrs/WK

Semester Postgraduate

Prerequisite None

Course Offered No

Description Growth of human settlements and urban centres, generative and parasitic nature of urban growth, factors influencing growth. Definition, scope and relationship with architecture and planning. Dominant trends in Urban Design: Utopian, Monumentalist, Environmentalist, Modernist, Perceptionist, etc. Normative and Organic theories of urban form and design. Steps of Urban Design processes, approaches toward the problems and levels of analysis. Analysis of urban physical pattern. Physical and non-physical functioning of areas, community action and conflict management.